Olegmon t

Olegmon the Gold-thief is one of the seven Death Generals in Digimon Xros Wars.


Olegmon appears as an orange-skinned viking in golden armor with the shoulder guards modeled after treasure chests, holding his familiars Jormungand and Surtr, and gauntlets shaped like barrels. He also has two big horns sprouting from his back that resembles the horns on his helmet. Olegmon wears a big golden lock tied with black belts around his neck, and has fur around his waist and around his hands.


After Bagramon obtained the completed Code Crown, he reformatted the Digital World into seven satellite kingdoms. Olegmon, serving under DarkKnightmon, is installed as ruler of Gold Land. He, his first mate Mermaimon, and his army of Depthmon, MarineDevimon, and Scorpiomon often attack the villages of Gold Land. Ballistamon was once Olegmon's first mate, DarkVolumon. While Olegmon stalled OmegaShoutmon, Mermaimon and Depthmon reconfigured Ballistamon back into DarkVolumon. He was later destroyed by his former first mate when he switched back to Ballistamon after convincement through Shoutmon that he could choose which self he really wanted to be.


  • Dual Tomahawk Boomerang: Effortlessly hurls his Dual Tomahawk axes.
  • Viking Vuffet: Swings the Dual Tomahawks down vertically over and over, chopping the opponent to bits in the blink of an eye.


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